Gregor Erbežnik – EN

Every day, we receive a large number of delivery notes and invoices in our hotel. Before using the Absolute Read program, we brought all the documents into the system manually, which took us a lot of time. Now that we use the Absolute Read software solution, we can...

Marko Mugerle – EN

Absolute Read d.o.o. is a partner that provides a high level of service. It is distinguished by a professional approach and willingness to adapt to our needs. They were impressed with a simple application, which helped us make our business easier for our...

Aleš Grbec – EN

Our customers were extremely pleased when we started sending the delivery notes to the Absolute Read Cloud. By doing this, we have enabled them not to lose more time with manual entry, since all items are transferred to the system with just one click.  

Mitja Balažic – EN

We receive daily a large number of documents that are necessary for the up-to-date inventory management and regular business operations to be entered into the accounting program. In order to optimize work and costs, we decided to invest in the Absolute Read...

Simona Uršič – EN

Absolute Read enabled us to reorganize with the help of their application, and at the same time enable our employees easier operation in the field of document input.